I Would Die for You

Fifteen-year-old BJ Higgins (right) found Christ early in his life, and everyone who met him immediately recognized he had an intense and passionate relationship with Jesus.  During his second missionary trip to Peru, BJ contracted a strange illness that each of his attending physicians, as well as the Peruvian doctor who studied his reports, believed was bubonic plague.  After an arduous six-week struggle, young BJ dies.  But BJ’s legacy continues to grow, and his short life bears witness for Christ – just as he would have it.

BJ’s parents, Brent and Deanna, share his life story and his triumphant death in this compilation of diary and online excerpts from BJ himself, his family, friends, and others who got to know BJ through his blog.  Readers will appreciate the candor with which those who knew BJ well describe him and his amazingly focused calling to bring Christ to the forefront of every encounter, every conversation.  Just as important, BJ is depicted as a real person with real flaws who struggled to maintain his Christian walk – as does every person.  Inspiring and emotionally captivating, BJ’s story will light a fire in the hearts of young and old alike.

Excerpted from the Winter 2009 issue of Christian Home & School magazine.

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~ by StraightUp Faith on February 7, 2009.

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