Christian Q & A


1. What is creation?

Creation is all that God made, which was good. 

2. What did God create?

God created all that exists, including the universe, Heaven, Hell, Earth, angels, humans, animals, plants, and elements. 

3. How did God create?

God created out of nothing, by His spoken word, in six days. 

4. What happened on the seventh day?

God rested from His work, to be an example for humanity to follow. 

5. Why did God create?

God created out of His good will and pleasure to express and extend forth His glory. 

6. What is Heaven?

Heaven is where God dwells with the angels. 

7. What is Hell?

Hell is a place of torment and punishment for those who have rebelled against God. 

8. What are angels?

Angels are heavenly beings, created to perpetually worship and praise God.  They are God’s messengers and ministering spirits. 

9. How did God create humans?

God created humans using the dust of the earth for Adam and one of Adam’s ribs to create Eve 

10. Why did God create humans?

God created humans as His crowning achievement, unlike any other created being, for the purpose of being in an intimate, loving, and obedient relationship. 

11. What does God receive from His created beings?

God receives intimate relationship with those who respond favorably and obediently, and grief and anger by those who respond unfavorably and disobediently. 

12. What was it like immediately after Creation was completed?

Everything God created was good, perfect, and obedient to His will.

Perfect Humanity  

1. Who are Adam and Eve?

Adam and Eve are the first humans God created and is where human genealogy begins. 

2. In what way was Adam and Eve created?

Adam and Eve were created in God’s image and likeness. 

3. What characteristics did God give to humans?

God created humans perfect in knowledge, righteousness, and holiness. 

4. What was the original nature of Adam and Eve?

Adam and Eve were created perfectly without blemish, corruption, or sin, with their will in perfect alignment with God’s will. 

5. What was the nature of Adam and Eve’s freedom?

Adam and Eve were created with the freedom to obey or disobey God. 

6. What kind of relationship did God intend with Adam and Eve?

Adam and Eve were to live in fellowship with God and in mutually helpful relationships with each other and that they would honor their Creator in whatever activity they engaged in, whether in work or in rest. 

7. What was Adam and Eve commanded to do?

Adam and Eve were commanded to carry His image to the rest of creation, to be fruitful and increase in number. 

8. What was Adam and Eve’s response to God?

Adam and Eve’s response to God was that of reverence, awe, reciprocated love, and obedience in a humble, loving, and fruitful relationship. 

9. What was Adam and Eve’s responsibility?

Adam and Eve’s responsibility was to cultivate, populate, and steward the earth. 

10. What did God intend for Adam and Eve in their interaction with creation?

God intended for Adam and Eve to use and enjoy creation, to eat green plants for sustenance, and to interact with the animals in peace. 

11. Were there any prohibitions that God established?

God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 

12. What was God’s creation purposed for?

God’s creation was purposed for shalom.

Fallen Humanity 

1. How did Adam and Eve disobey God?

Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 

2. Why did Adam and Eve disobey God?

Eve was deceived by the serpent and Adam went along with Eve in questioning God’s specific prohibition of not eating from the forbidden tree. 

3. What were the consequences of this disobedience?

All of humanity and creation was plunged into sin, decay, and death, and brought God’s displeasure, disappointment, and anger upon us all. 

4. What happened to Adam and Eve after their disobedience?

Being holy, God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden because He cannot have sin in His presence. 

5. What happened with the relationship between God and humanity?

God’s intended fellowship with humanity was broken and we are now under His wrath, enduring sin in our lives and suffering everlasting Hell upon death. 

6. What did Adam and Eve give up by their disobedience?

Adam and Eve gave up their earthly “under throne” in God’s Kingdom, allowing Satan, who is a fallen angel that rebelled against God, to take over and rule the earth with the spirit of darkness and sin, corrupting and perverting all that God made good. 

7. What did God do in His anger after the Fall?

God cursed the ground, thereby making it extremely difficult for man to work the ground as he provides for his needs. 

8. What happened to the serpent that deceived Eve?

God cursed the serpent, causing him to crawl on his belly, eating dust the rest of his life. 

9. Was God merciful toward Adam and Eve after they sinned?

God showed mercy toward Adam and Eve in slaying an animal for its skin in order to provide for their embarrassed nakedness before God. 

10. What is the state of humanity since the Fall?

Our nature is against God, being born with the sinful seed of Adam. 

11. What happened to creation since the Fall?

Destructive weather patterns and carnivorous animals are the result of the Fall, causing disharmony in nature. 

12. What will God do with humanity?

God has a plan that will redeem humanity to Himself in a future generation, in Jesus Christ.

The Person of Christ 

1. Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to earth to redeem humanity into a right relationship with God. 

2. How did Christ enter humanity?

Christ entered humanity through the virgin birth incarnation by way of the Holy Spirit. 

3. Was Christ prophesied in the Old Testament?

Christ was prophesied about in the Old Testament, in His birth, life, suffering, death, and resurrection. 

4. Is Christ God or man?

Christ is both fully God and fully man. 

5. How did Christ interact with humanity?

Christ was compassionate, loving, and confrontational to the people of His generation, teaching them how to belong to the kingdom of God. 

6. Did Christ ever sin, as we do?

Christ lived a sinless life as the spotless Lamb of God. 

7. What was Christ’s humiliation here on earth?

Christ’s humiliation consisted of the lowliness of which He descended from Heaven, became a human, lived among sin, then died a criminal’s death on the cross. 

8. Was Christ ever tempted, as we are?

Christ was greatly tempted, but overcame every temptation. 

9. How did Christ overcome temptation?

Christ overcame temptation with prayer to the Father, God’s Word, and fellowship with the followers of God. 

10. How is Christ our prophet?

Christ is our prophet by revealing the will of God for our salvation by both His Word and Spirit. 

11. How is Christ our priest?

Christ offered up Himself as the sacrifice to satisfy God’s justice, reconciling us to God, and makes continual intercession for us. 

12. How is Christ our king?

Christ is our king by us becoming His subjects, by His ruling and defending us, and His restraining and conquering the enemy. 

13. How was Christ exalted after His death?

Christ ascended to Heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father with dominion over all.

The Work of Christ 

1. Why was Christ sent to earth?

Christ was sent to redeem humanity into a right relationship with God. 

2. How did Christ redeem humanity?

Christ redeemed humanity by way of His sinless life, death on the Cross, burial, and resurrection from the dead. 

3. What did Christ do here on earth?

Christ initiated the Kingdom of God by forgiving sin, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, casting out demons, offering hope to the poor and downcast, and confronting religious hypocrisy.

4. How is Christ the Redeemer of humanity?

Christ took upon himself the punishment that we deserve because of our sin, thereby satisfying God’s wrath. 

5. How do we receive God’s redemption in Christ?

We have redemption by our faith in Christ and His work of salvation. 

6. How does the Holy Spirit apply our redemption in Christ?

By removing the blindness caused by sin so we may understand God’s Word, and through Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, prayer, meditation, and service.

7. What spiritual benefits do we have in being redeemed?

We are justified in Christ, adopted as God’s children, and set apart as His people. 

8. What earthly benefits do we have in being redeemed?

Assurance of God’s love, peace of conscience, joy in the Holy Spirit, increase of grace, purpose in life, and perseverance to the end. 

9. What awaits the wicked at their death?

The wicked will be found guilty of their sin, judged, and condemned to everlasting punishment in Hell. 

10. What is God’s rule for our obedience to Him?

God’s rule is that we love Him with all of our heart, soul, strength, and mind and love our neighbors as ourselves. 

11. What does our sin deserve?

Our sin deserves everlasting punishment in Hell. 

12. How can we escape God’s wrath in our sinful state?

The only way to escape God’s wrath is by repentance toward God and faith in Christ’s completed work on the Cross.

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