Confession – Creation

God’s Heavenly Creatures & Creation


God is eternal and was completely satisfied and content with Himself before He created; that there is but one true God.

God in His infinite and eternal being, essence, and supreme intelligence created out of nothing Heaven, Earth, the universe, and everything in them, the visible and invisible.

God completed His creation in six literal twenty-four hour days.

God created out of His good pleasure and creativity to express and extend forth His glory and goodness in new relationships with created beings; all that He created was good.

God created heavenly beings, called angels, before He created the cosmos, to perpetually worship and adore Him and for them to proclaim His glory forever; that they are ministering spirits, protectors, escorts, warriors, and messengers.

God created a place of everlasting punishment called Hell for angels who rebelled against Him; that Lucifer, the greatest of angels, led this rebellion against God with other angels, now referred to as demons; that they were cast out of Heaven, allowed to roam the spiritual realm of darkness until the final judgment where they will be cast into Hell forever.

God created humans to bear His image and likeness, unlike any other created being, for the intended purpose of walking in an obedient, loving, and fruitful relationship with Him; that Earth is their home with which God has purposed them to cultivate, populate, and steward.

God created all that exists as an expression of His nature, consisting of the highest wisdom, goodness, creativity, and love.

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