Confession – Fallen Humanity


Adam and Eve willfully disobeyed God by eating of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil; that Eve was deceived and tempted by the serpent, who questioned God’s specific command of not eating from this tree; that Adam went along with Eve’s disobedience, thereby plunging humanity and all of creation into sin, decay, and death as the consequence of the Fall.

Adam and Eve brought God’s displeasure, disappointment, and anger upon themselves and all humanity by their disobedient act.

God banished Adam and Eve from His presence in the Garden of Eden; that God is Holy and will not have sin in His presence.

God’s intended fellowship with humanity has been broken by Adam’s disobedience; that we no longer have a perfect relationship with our Creator.

God cursed the ground, and in so doing, caused man to work harder than he was intended to; that we must work hard (by the sweat of our brow) in order to make a living and provide for our needs.

God showed mercy toward Adam and Eve, allowing them to live on for a season, rather than immediately striking them dead; that God’s plan of redeeming us to Himself would be fulfilled in Christ in a future generation.

Adam and Eve willingly gave up their earthly “under throne” in God’s Kingdom; that Satan has now taken over as ruler and sits in the place where Adam and Eve used to, where he is now ruling with the spirit of darkness and sin, corrupting and perverting all that God made good.

All evil is a result of the original sin; that we are born with a sinful nature that we inherit from Adam; that our nature is against God and its purpose is disobedience; that sin operates from the human heart and includes disobedience, idolatry, blasphemy, murder, deceitfulness, lust, and pride, to name a few.

Sin is the cause for nature’s disharmony, including destructive weather patterns and carnivorous animals; before the original sin there was harmony with the animals and our weather was originally made perfect.

We are all born with the seed of Adam, which is the seed of sin; that the only way we can overcome sin is by receiving God’s gifts of forgiveness and salvation, which comes only through God’s Son, Jesus Christ, by way of His death on the Cross and His Resurrection from the dead; that because of Christ, sin and death have lost their power over creation.

Oh, what shall man do outside of fellowship with God?

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