Confession – The Work of Christ


Christ was sent by God the Father to initiate the Kingdom of God.

Christ began His public ministry immediately following His baptism; that the Spirit of God descended upon Him and a voice from Heaven said “This is my Son…”

Christ healed many people who were blind, deaf, lame, and diseased to show God’s power over sin and sickness; that He cast out demons from people who were suffering from satanic possession to show God’s power over evil and that He is the Son of God.

Christ taught about the Kingdom of God and how to approach God in repentance and faith; that He often taught using parables, so that those who were seeking Him would understand, while those whose hearts were hardened against Him would not.

Christ taught about the rewards of following Him; that all who gave up family, jobs, friends, lifestyle, wealth, and position, even our very lives, would receive everlasting blessing in God’s Kingdom.

Christ taught and gave encouragement to His disciples at the Last Supper –  to love one another; that His Spirit will return after His ascension to be an advocate and helper and to convict the world of sin.

Christ came to fulfill the law and the prophets; that He is the promised and long-awaited Jewish Messiah and Savior.

Christ rebuked the religious leaders for oppressing the people with their legalism.

Christ delivered a message of freedom and hope; freedom from the bondage of sin and hope in the future coming Kingdom in its fullness.

Christ demonstrated the proper way to pray; that we must seek God’s will above all else, recognizing God as most powerful, asking for our daily needs, seeking His forgiveness of our sins, and asking that we not fall into evil temptation.

Christ forgave sins, freeing people from their lives of bondage.

Christ warned against the coming judgment upon Israel and upon the wicked.

Christ was greatly tempted by Satan, but He did not use any of His divinity to overcome the temptation; that He showed us how we, too, can overcome temptation by the same means that He used – prayer to the Father, Scripture, and fellowship with believers.

Christ suffered on the way to and while hanging on the Cross; that He suffered great agony in Gethsemane about His impending mission about to be fulfilled; the He suffered at the hands of the Roman soldiers who scourged Him; that He suffered greatly on the Cross – physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally – as God’s wrath was poured out upon Him for the sins of the world; that although He was innocent of any crime, Christ suffered at the hands of the Roman government; that God works in and despite of such evil to bring hope.

Christ died and was buried; that He rose from the dead three days later appearing to over five hundred witnesses, including His disciples, over a period of forty days; He is the first-born of all future believers; that the Cross has become the symbol and reality of life, whereas previously it stood for crime, sin, and death; that the entire stigma of the Cross is gone with the resurrection.

Christ conquered death and Hell on the Cross; that He felt the equivalent of eternal Hell in our place; that because of this work, we, who received Christ as Savior and Lord, no longer have to fear death.

Christ ascended to Heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Father, being given all power in Heaven and on Earth; that He is now mediator between us and the Father; He intercedes for us on our behalf.

Christ has sent the Holy Spirit to reside in believers, guiding them into all truth, and convicting men of their sin and their need for God.

Christ satisfied God’s wrath against sin; that He took our place of punishment upon Himself so that we would now be able to enter into a right relationship with the Father, being restored as humans, being given purpose, freedom, and hope.

Christ and His work produce the signs of the coming final Kingdom that we eagerly await for His second coming as Judge of the world; that the new heaven and new earth would be God’s restored and renewed Kingdom – a place of justice and shalom.

  Freedom in Christ!

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